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If you have an Office subscription but your computer can't run Office if it's too old , you can use Office in the Cloud.

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Microsoft says you can go to "portal. Otherwise, you will have to either purchase a new device or continue using the now unsupported Office for Mac. More info at Microsoft's site. If you need support in upgrading to Office and the Office suite, please contact us! Goodman Consulting.

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Hot Tips. If you're still using Office , you should consider upgrading to the new version for a few reasons: Microsoft has announced that, as of October 10, , they will no longer release updates for Office I can even open Publisher files and edit them. Not a speed demon but does the job. Regular updates. Disproprtionately pricey I know but one can buy the individual Office compoments separately without having to have Office much of which is in my opinion bloated -unless you are a PC fan.

I run Excel but nothing else. Oh really?

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How does one buy the individual Office components? Actually, these questions are now rhetorical. I am doing the research on my own, to answer these questions myself. Phil, I'd love to hear the result of your research as I too am looking for an Excel answer. I don't particularly like Excel I have it loaded on one iMac at home.

I'm retired but use Excel for many things, so the loss of 32 bit support means maybe I should learn something new to keep on track for OS and security updates in the future. But which one? And I have the complicating factor of needing to answer questions occasionally from former colleagues fading and from my children increasing. I was first considering picking up Excel for Mac only no other Office parts , but I have two Macs, and so Excel-Mac is still expensive, for me.

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Also, the things I've heard about Excel-Mac are not very good, so that makes the cost exacerbated. So, what I'm thinking now, is update to Sierra I am currently at El Capitan , get the latest version of Numbers, and try how best to make it work for me in an Excel-like manner. Probably will include getting some text to help out, such as the Take-Control title for Numbers.

The lack of MS support is probably not a big deal I'm still running Office without issues. The loss of 32 bit support is a big deal. Is that with High Sierra or post High Sierra? I switched to Office a couple of years ago and have not had any problems with it. OneNote is sort of a disappointment. The search and syncing across devices is just too slow and flaky compared with Evernote. I wish they would improve that. It would make a subscription even more obvious. Office is a cartoon version of You can't turn off the absurd ribbon or use custom floating toolbars.

Furthermore, the ribbon is duplicated at the top of every open window, which is insane. Except that it still supports Visual Basic macros, it is useless for serious editing and production work.

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Concur with you completely. The "Advanced" Search and replaced is DOA: many missing options like searching for 's , attempts at replacing with format generally produces psychotic results. Has anyone else found that after opening a comment for editing in Excel, the first typed character is almost always dropped? The sizes of the updaters also annoy me. For Office , there will be one updater for Office; for Office , each product will have its own updater, often larger than the updater. I like to download the updater itself rather than run it on-line, a habit I developed when I had a slow internet connection.

I even used Pages, Keynote, and Numbers at work without a problem. At one time, not having Office and a PC meant no work when people even emailed Word documents to each other. I know Pages can open. There may be an issue with fonts not being available in Pages or Word. I have Office but un-installed it because it can't recognize PostScript fonts. This may force me to switch to Pages! Cheaper way to Office is to buy the card from a site like NewEgg. I am retired now. I used Word as a lawyer but can certainly live, now, with many other word processors like Open Office if I want interoperability with PC users, or Pages, or else.

I never wanted to integrate Word or Excel documents into presentations as investment bankers do, so I don't care about Powerpoint and can use Keynote. Excel, which I have been using since Excel 1. The key question for me is about finding an acceptable, interoperable with Windows users, alternative to Excel. Numbers would not be interoperable. I do not like Open Office too sloppy and incomplete compared to Excel.

I have posted separately, above, a question about the free Office online. What else would do? If I replace Office with Numbers etc , Apple does regularly check for and apply security updates and bug fixes, as well. Correct assumption? Yes, Apple updates the iWork apps regularly. I have a few spreadsheets with VBA macros. Will these still work in Excel ?

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Are VBA macros the only macros in Excel? I know of no viable alternative to Excel for my needs, even if I gave up macros.

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Numbers is just too much a toy, or I am too ignorant to harness its power properly. Thank you.