How to reboot your mac air

The obvious explanation is your Mac lacks memory.

Or to put another way, there are too many active processes running on your Mac. First off, go to Activity Monitor to check your memory usage. Now, look into how heavily your Memory is loaded. Quit apps that eat up too much memory for no reason. You can either force reboot your Mac each time or opt for a radical solution. Below are a few more ideas you can try. Shut down your Mac and reboot while pressing D key. Within the menu that appears, launch the Apple Diagnostics tool. From then, follow the prompts to finish the diagnostics.

Remove old unused apps, system junk, and pervasive browser extensions.

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Download it for free here. Hope this guide has helped you. Before you force shut down this article, feel free to share it, using the social buttons below. Ivan Exploring latest tech trends.

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Apple obsessed. CleanMyMac X.

How to Restart a Mac Computer

This is my first MAC and I have no disc. Someone else upgraded. Tried everything with software to clear the problem, but still none the wiser. BigBenn, are you going to fix your frozen Mac problems? Complaining on the a web site and the internet may be free and easy, but so is calling tech support.

Is there a way to reboot without losing work open in Word? Sure no problem, just save your file before you reboot. Aside from that it may depend on what version of the app and OS X you are using and if it supports Auto-Saving, which can trigger in a freeze. I can not close my computer because it says that safari will not let it close. I am stumped. If I turn off the computer and turn it back on all I get is a window that says analog power saving mode and then the screen goes blank. How do I fix this. Thanks to the author too, this is great.

I have a bizarre problem.

Can you move the cursor? If yes, try this

While using my mac, it suddenly shut off completely. No warning, just a black screen. When i tried to restart it, it was like it was dead. I pushed tge little button on the side that indicates how much battery life i have and it was full. I let it completely die, no lights lit upon pushing the button again then recharged it and tried turning it on again. Every few days i would try and turn it on again, with no luck. Im baffled, and Now every so often it starts doing it again. I have a MacBook I came back to computer after leaving it open all day and screen is white.

Tried several power and key combinations but no luck.

How to force reboot a frozen Mac

Any suggestions? Could logic board need repair? What if the computer is unresponsive to holding down the power button? Thank you for the advice. I was using Google street view and wanted to look down an adjacent street. Instead of going to the corner and turning 90 degrees, I placed the marker on the adjacent street by shooting through a parking lot on the corner. The street view screen became a blur and iMac became totally frozen.

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Thanks for this tip! I am a student in grade 7 and have had my MacBook Air for half a year. I was doing my work on it this morning and it just froze and the keyboard and cursor were both unresponsive.

I was really stressed about the consequences of not being able to use my laptop and this article really helped me. Thank you OS X Daily!! Could someone help? I could not start my macbook retina 12 inch at all. When I press on power button, there is a start up sound.

How to Force Restart Any Frozen Mac with the Power Button

Then Apple Logo white pops up on the screen immediately. Then it is just stuck there forever. The screen is black, except the white Apple logo and the white startup line. Please help. I have inherited an old Macbook Pro from my wife and wanted to re-initialise it and install an SSD to give it a lease of live.

Reading the internet it told me when in recovery go to internet help and select icloud, enter your details there and then it should work. So I do just that, but get some wierd refreshing behaviour on the icloud screen which was refreshing itself so frequently I could not login, so I clicked on the apple bookmark and it hang, got the spinning wheel. The only thing I could do on this screen was change the wifi, nothing else was available to me. I tried clicking on the close cross, nothing Option Q to quit nothing. Tried a few other combinations I found on the internet nothing.

I have currently unplugged it and am waiting for it to run out of juice.

How to reboot my MacBook air? - Apple Community

I may just unscrew the back and unplug the battery as I will need to do that anyway to install the SSD. But anyway what I am saying is that when hanging in recovery there seems to be know way to manually force a shutdown or restart. Sadly none of this stuff works if the power button is unresponsive as well. No keyboard buttons seem to have any effect, not even the power button. I have a wireless keyboard, but this refuses to connect to the laptop any more. What would you suggest as the easiest way to see immediately if a forced reboot lost you any files? Some app that compared your system before and after?

I turned off my mac in the am. Came home and turned it back on. Have tried several of the suggestions above to force a reboot. Nothing seems to work. So my MacBook is stuck with a black screen and an active cursor. Kind of like telling me to have hot tea if I have a cold. No, really? Any other suggestions? Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: David Rourke says: October 6, at 4: Paul says: Jim says: Tropicalkit says: October 7, at 1: Alberto says: October 7, at 5: October 7, at 7: Phil says: October 6, at 7: Darren Bauer says: Steve Schulte says: October 23, at 5: October 24, at Michael says: October 7, at 6: Josh says: October 8, at 8: December 2, at WOW says: Dale says: December 4, at 5: Bas says: October 8, at 9: Norman Christie says: October 8, at Floyd Tolar says: October 10, at 5: Annelene clausen says: January 20, at Cindy says: September 25, at 4: Gemia says: February 17, at 2: Joann says: March 3, at 5: Ian says: March 14, at John Barna-Lloyd says: March 22, at April 8, at 7: April 9, at 8: April 16, at 3: Sue says: April 7, at 4: Benjamin says: April 20, at 4: Bogan Bill says: April 20, at 6: