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I had the exact same problem as you i wanted to import all my sms, contacts etc from nokia phone as i was getting it replaced with a new one on guarantee, i ended up just deleting all my info and getting a new phone, as i didn't buy one of those extra bluetooth keys You can always set your contacts to save onto the sim card and then you'll retreive them on a new phone. Thanks for that. I used it with my old G4 Quicksilver. It's in a drawer somewhere.

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  • If I can find it, I'll give it a try. I don't know whether the MacOSX reserves the bluetooth, but I have no other bluetooth devices in operation. I was told about the transfer of all the contacts from the phone to the SIM to get it all across to the new phone. I've managed to get them on to an old phone my wife has.

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    But it wasn't that straightforward as both SIM and phone memory were almost full! There was a lot of copying, swapping and deleting going on last night!! They just are. Many of the series notable characters appear in the game as participants in the tournament. This sometimes is odd considering some characters personalities in the series portrays them as anti-social and paranoid.

    Even procedures that are not designed to harm files, can harm files, depending on the issue with the system.

    Nokia Multimedia Transfer/Nokia 6303/Mac OS X problems....

    The procedures offered here may or may not harm your files. Did not see that ending coming! One of my favourite Batman stories, and the story the last Nolan film took inspiration from. Only bettered by the superb.

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    Some people hate it because of it's anti God message but it's a great read. I found it hard to put down.

    My old Nokia Phone is falling to bits. The laptop has died and i now run any windows only stuff on my MacBook with Parallels 4. I can pair the phone with the bluetooth directly to MacOS I've tried various configurations and seen lots of options that I don't understand - like lists of ports etc. Does parallels support Bluetooth or am I wasting my time?

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    I also have a USB lead that links to the phone. Again PC Suite cannot find the phone. Also it Vista?

    Interestingly enough mine came with firmware version When i open mdma it detects the modem, but then the Hilink page popup in my browser But the additional features of Nokia PC Suite are what really make it stand out. For instance, you can synchronize your phone and PC calendars, install apps onto your phone, access mail, maps, images, contacts and more.

    Nokia Pc Suite For Mac Os X 10.5.8 Download

    Everything can be done either via Bluetooth or USB cable. Providing your device is compatible with the software, Nokia PC Suite is an essential tool for managing your phone. How many of all the millions of active Mac users are also actally Nokia phone users? How many of those users use or care about connecting their phone to their Mac in the first place?

    How many of them are content with the existing features in iSync and Bluetooth or USB mass storage file transfer? I'm certain that in a big or small company there are no unlimited funds and unlimited resources and blank checks or open bank accounts to do things. And just to get an idea if Nokia is 'behind' their competition in this respect already without implying that Nokia couldn't or shouldn't be the first, if the company wanted to : - Which how many other phone manufacturers have free Mac software? Worth remembering as well: A user base of a only a few million isn't likely to have a priority over a user based of hundreds of millions who probably should be served first.

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