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Hi, Dear Sara Javed! Copy and paste the code to the text editor program like notepad and change the VM name. Use double hyphen before cpuidset, copy and Paste each code one by one to the cmd. If you need more explanation let us know. I need more explanation. Because it is the first time I am installing the VirtualBox and working over it.

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I want to know the proper way of it so that there may come no issues. Can you tell that working on VirtualBox is good for development? And do simulator works? Actually , I am doing all this stuff only for iOS development. I if you have any idea about the development on virtual box please let me know. No, my dear.

OSX Mavericks on Virtualbox in Linux

If you want to install Mac Operating system on Virtualbox so yes of course we will help you to install. I read it carefully, but still got an error. Hey, Dear Ivan Stasiuk!

I have watched your video and you should edit the VirtualBox and put Capitan inside the code. Instead of serial number you should use Capitan. I hope you got it! I followed every step to this tutorial, including the double hyphen and everything else. When I try to open El Capitan, an alert pops up notifying me that there was a critical error, along with a long paragraph of text.

Any help or clarifications would be nice. Hi, dear Lennon Pena. The critical error is most of the time due to miss type something in the command. Check the VM name that should be the same. So why I manually type it in, it does work but when I copy and paste the first line, this happens:. First, you need to rename your VM name then add a double hyphen before cpuidset. When you copy and paste the code to the cmd, it will only add one hyphen so you need to add a double hyphen.

We have mentioned these things in the post and due that we have created the video tutorial that our user should not face any problem. Thanks for the help Mukhtar it finally worked with the codes , But I am not able to get the guest window to full screen. How do I do that?

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Now read this article to fix the screen resolution problem. Can you install an iso image in virtual box without these options. I am a noob sorry x:. This is the way you can install it, my dear.

How to setup Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 in VirtualBox

Try if worked let us know. Hello, thanks for the tutorial. Very thorough. However, the first Google Drive El Capitan link is not working. Hi, thanks but still not working — it says too many users have downloaded in last 24 hours, same message as before — I tried this yesterday and waited 24 hours first — help?

Step 2: Install and Set Up VirtualBox

Here you can fix the problem dear. Just go to below article. Still not working! My commands were: VBoxManage. Have you managed to fix this error for others or do you have any idea what is this? Have a nice day, Alen. You actually typed the correct one! So i get this error but am not sure what to do. I tried what was said on the 3rd method of error fixing since it seems i get the bluetooth error. But I keep getting stuck at the same place. Hi Mukhtar Many thanks mate perfect guide.

You will see three main tabs. Just copy and paste the code to the cmd but keep and mind that first replace the VM Name and use double hyphen before cpuidset then copy and paste. Good Luck! Please read the article carefully. This error is because of Virtual Machine name and most of the time due to double hyphen.

I recommend you to read this article.

OS X Mavericks in VirtualBox - Multi-booting and Virtualisation - InsanelyMac Forum

After installation can i upgrade to The system fails to boot and reports: missing bluetooth controller transport any suggestion? For the mentioned error visist this article. Sir On starting this is giving me Guru meditation error……….. I have been tried your VMWare solution.. Which iOS? If you want to jailbreak iOS 9. Trying to sign into my Apple ID and it says that the Mac cannot be identified is there any way around this? I got it all done but to install some app and it asks me for an Apple ID when I enter it all it does is loads.

I went to the iCloud settings and had a go there and it said that there was a problem finding the identity of the Mac. Just wondering if there is any different way? Hi, dear Su Boy. Read the article below to fix this problem. Your problem is due to hyphen.

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Watch the video below the post. Almost everything worked. I tried connecting my iPhone but it does not recognise it or any other usb devices. Can anyone help with this please? I really need to connect my iPhone to it. Good Luck!!!

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  • Hi, Dear Jasa website Desain Grafis. I have loaded everything and I have followed all the correct steps as above.