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Tutorial: How to Access iCloud Backup File for iPhone/iPad/iPod

Only icloud. Is it hidden somewhere? Yes, absolutely agree! Also Mac running slow constantly and suspect the whole system is up to no good now. I have lost faith in Apple. The worse thing is that I did not enable iCloud Drive, but when I visited the apple store, due to slow problems, the genius advised me to do so. Wow, why the hell would apple make that the default?! To remove all the files from the local mac to be stored exclusively on the cloud when you turn it on. Apple is rapidly becoming the most evil company in the world.

I have Norton antivirus and I learned that I have some type of Cloud capacity but not sure how much nor where to see the files on the Norton backup capacity nor do I see any symbol to the effect of the Norton capacity. Any ideas of what to do? Also, I can not update OS beyond I am in Monterrey, N. Please, everyone who is reading this thread and is disgusted with this situation, take a moment to post a comment on iCloud feedback and let them know they need to remedy this ASAP or feel some hurt.

I agree. Took just 5 seconds to submit feedback on their website. This is fraud as they probably want you to just buy more storage than deal with turning off icloud. What The Heck? My desktop on iCloud? Apple has the ability to hand over my desktop papers to felonious government employed mafia? Yet Apple is giving it all away. I would have preferred knowing about this before upgrading to Mohave. I got ripped off and left in the Apple Desert. Apple has made a turn for the worse. I wake up and my desktop is on the cloud.

No Nope, na-uh. I agree completely, I do not like the idea of iCloud Desktop or iCloud Documents for many reasons, privacy included, but for many of us our internet connections are not even fast enough to be able to support such a cloud feature. Apple is in a bubble designing for their own executives bubble.

The USA is far behind in broadband, trying to create services that depend on reliable fast broadband is incredibly presumptuous, not rooted in reality or data, and very user hostile.

Likewise having tiny hard drives in the Macs is very user hostile, they have been shrinking the hard drive space for years which is lunacy. When I accidentally clicked the iCloud Desktop thing, it started trying to upload about 4gb of documents in carefully arranged desktop folders.

How to Access iCloud Backup File on Mac or PC

It totally messed things up. I had to disable it and then it was trying to download and upload from iCloud. I hope I did not lose any documents in that process. Another failed cloud example is I tried using iCloud backup to restore an iPhone one time, 64gb model with about 50gb used, and the time estimate was 14 hours — and of course it failed.

Not reliable.

I have been a Mac user since and the company is more frustrating and confused today than ever before. What happened to the Apple I used to love? And so did the best part of Apple.

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I lost data due to the poor implementation of iCloud Drive. It pisses me off! Thanks for this. I loathe iCloud Drive. I have ZERO files on my hard drive and need to download all of them again. The only thing showing in Finder is iCloud. Please help! Do the same thing for Desktop with Desktop2 folder.

How to use iCloud Drive on Mac, iPad & iPhone

Then disable iCloud sync. Switch to local Documents2. Move all files from Documents2 to Documents, and from Desktop2 to Desktop.

Delete empty Documents2 and Desktop2 folders those where temporary folders anyway. A question for GregM. Apple support put me in iCloud and I want out. Currently the Documents and Desktop are shown under iCloud in the Finder window. Other folders they did not snatch documents, apps, pictures, etc are listed under Favorites. I like your idea of making local Documents2 and Desktop2 folders.

On Mojave. This is obviously over my head!

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Is it possible to have two pathways leading to two separate amd discreet document folders, one that resides locally on my MacBook Air and one that resides in iCloud? Gentlemen, allow me to give some free advice. Since many or most of these files are stored on your computer already, go into i-cloud drive and drag and drop them into your downloads folder. I would advise not dropping the actual desktop or documents folders, but their contents. When you drag the contents to your downloads folder, you will be prompted that they will be removed from icloud drive but remain on your computer.

As many or most of these files already reside on your local drive, the move will be instantaneous. After this you are free to move them back to your desktop and local documents folder. Best regards, Have a great day. That is exactly how I planned to do it, just move them off the desktop first to somewhere else on the Mac.

Obviously, having backups of files is a great idea, but when turning off wiping the local is just plain stupid. Took a bit to move things around but worked flawlessly — nothing was lost! Helped to clean up my documents as well. This is such a terrible feature! I assumed she had accidentally copied it to the cloud and so deleted the desktop folder.

Later I turned off the icloud desktop feature on her laptop, and saw that there was still the desktop in her icloud folder so deleted it again. So now it has deleted all her actual desktop files not just the cloud backup. OOh my god. So much work gone and the icloud undelete function doesnt list any of those files. What a stupid implementation of the cloud.

She is goig to kill me.