How to unprotect excel worksheet on mac

To prevent other users from viewing hidden worksheets, adding, moving, deleting, or hiding worksheets, and renaming worksheets, you can protect the structure of your Excel workbook with a password.

Protect Excel Worksheets and Lock Cells in Office for Mac - dummies

The password is optional. If you do not supply a password, any user can unprotect and change the workbook. If you do enter a password, make sure that you choose a password that is easy to remember.

Write your passwords down and store them someplace safe. If you lose them, Excel cannot recover them for you.

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Passwords in Excel for Mac have a character limit. You cannot open a workbook or document that has been password-protected in the Windows-based version of Excel or if the password is longer than fifteen characters. A new directory will be created with the name of the file and within that directory will be subdirectories. If you navigate to the xl folder within that directory, you should see a file named workbook.

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You can right click on that file and choose Open With and then TexEdit. You won't be able to simply use what use see for xxxx as the password, so simply delete whatever text appears between the double quotes after workbookPassword. Then click on File and Save. You might expect that you could recompress the folder where the files were extracted using the OS X Finder application by clicking on the directory and then clicking on File and Compress in the Finder to produce a new zip file and then rename that newly produced zip file to be a.

How to Unprotect an Excel Sheet Without Password

That won't work, however. If you do that or right click on the directory containing the extracted files and choose Compress dirname where dirname is the relevant directory name, that will produce a new zip file. You can right-click on it and rename the extension back to.

Way 2: Unprotect Excel 2016 without Password via PassFab for Excel

You will also have the same problem if you use the command line zip program, e. The zip file produced by those methods on an Apple OS X system does not match what Excel is expecting - see Zipping and unzipping Excel xlsx files for further details.

How to Unlock an excel sheet without password